Get Started with Solid Edge Learning

In order to reap the rewards of Solid Edge Learning and benefit from its content as quickly as possible, we have compiled a list of important points that will assist you in getting started.

What if I did not Receive my Password

If you have not yet received your Solid Edge Learning login credentials it is most likely that your joining email was blocked by your email system or spam filter. In these instances please Contact Us and request for them to be resent. We will try to ensure you get the details as quickly as possible. It is also worth reading our page on how to Whitelist an Email Address to ensure any of our future communications and newsletters reach you without any problems.

I Have Forgotten my Password

If you have forgotten your password then please visit the My Solid Edge Learning page and enter your e-mail address into the appropriate section, Your password will then be e-mailed to you.

Utilities on the My Solid Edge Learning page also allow you to reset or change your password.

Am I Logged In?

If you are unable to see the protected video training content on Solid Edge Learning or you keep getting messages asking you to Join Now then please ensure that you are correctly logged in using the widget on the right hand side of the page.

Internet Speed

In order to enjoy the rich video streaming content on Solid Edge Learning to its maximum you should ensure that your internet connection is of a sufficient speed. As a minimum we would suggest that broadband with at least 2 Mb/s is a good start. If your connection is much slower, it will not stop you from being able to use Solid Edge Learning but it will just take longer to download the videos.

There are many independent websites available that offer broadband speed checks one example is Speed Test

Essential Tools

To use Solid Edge Learning most effectively you will need to ensure you have the appropriate tools to navigate and view the training material. To view the videos you will need to ensure Adobe Flash is installed. To view the Goal Sheets you will need to ensure the Adobe Acrobat viewer is installed.

Solid Edge Learning will work in any popular web browser including Windows Internet Explorer, Opera and Google Chrome. However for a faster and safer browsing experience we recommend using Mozilla Firefox. It is also important to ensure that Java Scripting is enabled in your chosen browser to enable the forms and other areas of the Solid Edge Learning site to function correctly.

Some computers will no doubt already have these popular programs installed but if yours doesn't, you can download and install them using the links provided below:


To view the manuals you'll need the Adobe Reader:

 Get Adobe Reader

To watch the videos online you'll need the Adobe Flash Player:

 Get Adobe Flash Player

For a faster browsing experience we recommend Firefox:

 Get Firefox

Searching for Training Material

The Solid Edge Learning search facility aims to make it as easy as possible for you to find the right training material as quickly as possible. It does not present a complex set of search options. Instead a search is performed across all training content, and can be made using a similar syntax to what is used in popular search engines such as Google or Yahoo.

Here are some examples:

Searching for sweep - would find all training material that contains the word sweep.

Searching for adjust* - would find all training material that contains words beginning with adjust.

Words can be marked as required or not required by using either a + or - symbol:

Searching for +round +blend - Would only return training material that contained both round and blend.

Searching for +round -blend Would only return any training material that contained the word round and not the word blend.

Words can also be contained in quotes in order to search for a particular phrase:

Searching for 'dimensions and constraints' - Would find all material that contained the exact phrase.