Email Opt-In

This web site gives you the opportunity to opt-in to receive communications from us by email.

We use what is known as a double opt-in for all email communications.

This is how a double opt-in works:

  1. You submit your name and email address using one of the forms on our web site.
  2. You will receive an initial email from us asking you to confirm that you actually want to receive email communications before any further emails are actually sent. You can read how to respond to such an email by reviewing our Please Confirm Your Email Address page.

The purpose of a double opt-in is to prevent you from what is known as email spam. There are many ways someone or something, typically web robots, can acquire your email address. They can then use your address to bombard it with unsolicited email.

We suffer from this constantly and have invested heavily to prevent our email servers being overwhelmed by junk email. We do not want you to suffer the same fate.

By sending an email to the submitted address, in which we ask you to confirm your details by clicking on a confirmation link, we can ensure that it is you personally that has provided your email address and not someone or something on your behalf.

We use this double opt-in to protect you and your business.