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What is Solid Edge Learning?

Solid Edge Learning is the most comprehensive expert on-line resource for Solid Edge users within education.

It provides through the various membership levels essential resources for all students, pupils, lecturers, and teachers using Solid Edge.

Dependent upon your membership of Solid Edge Learning you'll find hundreds of Solid Edge Tutorials, Solid Edge Tips & Tricks, and Solid Edge Training Videos. There is a huge archive of Solid Edge Questions & Answers and expert information and advice. Available on-line 24/7.

If you are commercial or business user of Solid Edge please visit our sister site Solid Mastermind that provides expert on-line resources for Solid Edge professionals.

Who created Solid Edge Learning?

The creator of Solid Edge Learning is Ingenea, a limited company owned and managed by Jon Sutcliffe, and me Arthur Sexton.

Significant elements of Solid Edge Learning are drawn and shared with Solid Mastermind. The copyright and intellectual property rights for Solid Edge Learning and Solid Mastermind reside with Ingenea Limited.

Certain elements within Solid Edge Learning are branded Solid Mastermind.

What credentials do they have?

Solid Edge was released to the market in April 1996. Both Jon and I have been supporting, training, and selling Solid Edge since the then.

We have conducted hundreds of training courses and answered probably thousands of support questions covering both technical and commercial issues. We have helped companies evaluate Solid Edge, justify the purchase of Solid Edge, install, implement and upgrade Solid Edge. We have helped companies make a return on their investment and profit in many ways from using Solid Edge.

Our techniques are proven by our track record and the success of our clients. Please review some of the testimonials provided by those we have helped:

View the testimonials here.

And why Solid Edge Learning?

Back in 2009 we introduced Solid Mastermind for Solid Edge professionals.

This is the original, and most comprehensive, expert on-line resource for Solid Edge users.

With the renewed focus by Siemens PLM Software, the developers of Solid Edge, on the educational sector it was logical to provide a similar resource to Solid Mastermind for Solid Edge in education.

Students and academics need 24/7 access to any tools that assist them either with their studies or teaching.

So as foremost experts with Solid Edge we decided to combine our knowledge and expertise with technology to deliver flexible, efficient but highly effective on-line resources for Solid Edge users in education. That is Solid Edge Learning.

Solid Edge Learning is here to provide you with all the expert on-line resources you require to make your use of Solid Edge a success.

We want to help you secure your academic success on the way to achieving your life goals.

Top Edging,

Arthur Sexton

Arthur Sexton.