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Equation For Success

Solid Edge Learning is the critical constant in the equation for your success.

Solid Edge Learning is the most comprehensive expert on-line resource for Solid Edge users within education.

Succeeding in an increasingly competitive world depends upon results. Prosper by focusing on your end goal, your destination, or be punished by unnecessary distractions on your journey.

Don't waste your precious time struggling to master the tools that help you with your assignments but concentrate on the assignments themselves. It is your ideas, designs, and creations that are of the most importance.

Use Solid Edge Learning to help you master Solid Edge in record time and solve your equation for success.

You'll have access to hundreds of Solid Edge Tutorials, Solid Edge Tips & Tricks, and Solid Edge Training Videos. There is a huge archive of Solid Edge Questions & Answers and expert information and advice, plus a community of Solid Edge users in education. Available on-line 24/7.

All content within the membership area of Solid Edge Learning is provided in collaboration with Solid Mastermind.

Sponsored Student Membership

Sponsored Student members of Solid Edge Learning have access to the following expert on-line resources for Solid Edge:

  • Some Tutorials
  • Some Training Files
  • Some Goal Sheets

The duration of the sponsored membership is one year, but can be extended with a re-registration.

Free sponsorship is only available to those who sign up via Facebook. Use the button below:

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Premium Student Membership

Premium Student members of Solid Edge Learning have access to these expert on-line resources:

  • All Solid Edge Tutorials
  • All Solid Edge Training Files
  • All Tutorial Goal Sheets
  • All Solid Edge Quizzes
  • All Solid Edge Top Tips
  • Browse & search the Q&A Vault

Pay a recurring monthly fee for access. You can hang around as long as need and then easily cancel when no longer required.

All for less than the price of a good textbook.

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Lecturer/Teacher Membership

Lecturer and Teacher members of Solid Edge Learning have access to these expert on-line resources:

  • Solid Edge Tutorials
  • Solid Edge Training Files
  • Tutorial Goal Sheets
  • Solid Edge Quizzes
  • Solid Edge Top Tips
  • Solid Edge Process Maps
  • Solid Edge Best Practices
  • Browse & search the Q&A Vault
  • Ask The Expert

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Solid Edge Student Edition

The Solid Edge student grant program enables students, of all ages, to use Solid Edge in support of their studies for free.

At their sole discretion Siemens PLM Software will provide the Solid Edge Student Edition to any active student, teacher or lecturer attending academic institutions such as accredited universities, technical colleges, trade and high schools.

The duration of the software license is one year, but can be extended with a re-registration.

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Solid Edge University Edition

The Solid Edge Academic Program offers accredited schools, colleges and universities a comprehensive family of modular, integrated PLM technology that helps deliver the quality education required for the needs of today’s students.

The Solid Edge University Edition includes more capability than the Student Edition and is perfect for a site-wide implementation.

To find out more please contact the relevant Siemens PLM Software Solid Edge Academic Team:

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